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Metal Sales Commercial Solutions

Budgets. Deadlines. Transparency. Sustainability. 建立一个新的设施或翻新现有的一个满足当今商业的需求,不仅仅是一个面积和功能的问题. You need someone with the vision to excite the senses, the expertise to execute on schedule and on budget, 这些皇冠客户端app下载将在未来几十年里最小化维护和降低成本. Nothing meets that need better than metal siding and roofs. 没有人比metal Sales更有经验,为今天的业主提供最高质量的皇冠客户端app下载结构.


皇冠客户端app下载销售为商业建筑行业提供绝对最高质量和最佳价值的皇冠客户端app下载屋顶和墙体系统. 我们的重型商业面板在其漫长的寿命中需要很少的维护. 定制配置文件和超过100种ENERGY STAR®列出的颜色有助于确保您的商业项目将在数十年的时间里美丽地执行-和可持续的.

皇冠客户端app下载销售广泛的商业皇冠客户端app下载和设计选择将允许您和您的团队满足或超越设计目标, building codes, and standards for architect-designed buildings. 我们的皇冠客户端app下载面板已经在一些最节能的学校中使用, hospitals, apartment complexes, hotels, government buildings, offices, civic centers, stadiums, arenas, museums, churches, shopping complexes, transit facilities, warehouses and more.

Commercial Products

Metal roof, wall and siding systems for every application. Strong, versatile and energy efficient, and in colors that enhance any design, we make executing striking commercial designs simple.

Featured Case Study

Alaska Rock Gym

The project includes a 50’ tall roped climbing area, bouldering area, yoga studio, fitness room, conference room, 美丽的景观场地和外部装饰TDR-6皇冠客户端app下载墙板由皇冠客户端app下载销售. Alaska Rock Gym offers a wide variety of top...

Featured Case Study

Public Safety Facility

当鹰河消防区决定与雅芳镇合作创建一个联合消防站和警察局时, a challenging project began. 戴维斯合作伙伴和设计伙伴RRM设计被选中设计...

Featured Project

Montana Cycling

Featured product: T5 • Wall

Commercial Sustainability

Metal Sales致力于推进可持续设计和建筑目标, including architectural strategies that integrate energy efficiency, LEED certification and Net-Zero principles.